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HOST Educator Profile, Benefits & Getting Started

" Selecting HOST as your provider, I am confident you will be just as impressed with the superb level of quality and unbeatable customer service you will be provided every step of the way."  

                                                                                  --Associate Professor of Spanish,  Valerie Mumm-Jansen.

Do you...

HOST Educator Benefits

- believe in Natural Language Acquisition practices?

- enjoy developing experiential learning opportunities for your students?

- want to foster a sense of global citizenry within your students...and in doing so, make the world a better place? 

- want sister school programming?

- love to travel and believe in sustainable tourism practices?

- believe in an interdisciplinary approach to travel?


If you answered YES! to these questions...HOST is the Educational Travel Company for you!




- Complimentary educator travel for every group of 10 (or every group of 15 for BioCAP/InterCAS programs).

- 5% profit sharing with lead educators. 

- $200.00 bonus per student participant beyond 10, for standard programs, or beyond 15, for BioCAP programs, OR a complimentary lead educator trip for every increment of 10/15 additional students.

- $250.00 referral bonuses.

- Occasional panelist/presenter invites with complimentary registration for state, national and international World Language and IB conferences.

- Exclusive educator only excursions.

- Simple gather-your-group-and-go travel prep--HOST does the rest!


Getting Started... HOST is with you from beginning to end!

Organizing a student group can sound like a daunting task, independent of whether you are promoting a secondary or post-secondary program. With HOST, we streamline the process, and accompany you through the promotional process step-by-step. Here is how you can get started:



Study abroad programming development follows institution-specific procedures. Post-secondary lead faculty and study abroad directors looking to implement a HOST-run study abroad program should call or email HOST and request to speak with HOST co-founder, Lee Ann Silva, to begin the study abroad development process.



1) Contact HOST ( ) with your program destination preference, academic objectives, whether you want a sister school element in your program, any customized requirements and your preferred travel period (see sample Summer travel promotional timeline below).


Early February: Educator holds three call-out meetings (see below, #3)

February-May: Students gather required material (passports, ISICs (if required), Letter of introduction to host family).

May 1st: Enrollment Fee ($150.00) and complete online enrollment due (including valid-for travel passport PDF, Letter of introduction to host family PDF and ISIC PDF (if required.)

October 1st: Online Installment #1 due.

December 1st: Online installment #2 due.

February 1st: Online installment #3 due.

April 1st: Online installment #4 due.

May-July: Summer travel period. *Contact HOST for Spring and Winter enrollment timelines.


2) You will be contacted by one of HOST's program directors who will work with you from day one all the way until you return to the States after your trip. This director will guide you through the promotional process and ensure you receive all promotional instructions and material.


3) HOST educators are asked to hold 3 promotional meetings​ (required parent/guardian and student attendance) that weave around busy academic calendars. Most frequently used times are: Tuesday after school, Thursday before school and Saturday morning meetings--but use what works best for your specific institution's calendar. Make sure to run regular announcements on the loudspeaker, in the school newspaper and send an email home to all grade-appropriate students' parents to inform them of the meetings and this unique travel opportunity. Below is a suggested presentation line-up:

      - Have a laptop/tablet with an excel spreadsheet sign-in at the door. Each parent/guardian and student should enter their names, emails and cell phone

        numbers. (Make sure you share with parents that their contact information will be shared with HOST and is required in order to receive digital

        promotional material from HOST.)

      - Show HOST's student/educator video testimonies and/or the program video while you wait for all to attend (

      - Begin by introducing yourself and HOST's program, giving a brief summary of the major program elements.

      - Show the program's promotional video (not available for all customized programs) (

      - Go over elements of The HOST Way (See The HOST Way Tab above) to give a bit of background about the company and why you chose it.                 

      - Go over program itinerary in your program's PDF brochure (Some educators set up a Google Earth display to show each destination.).

      - Go over enrollment procedures (showing students the enrollment and payment page and deadlines. (Enrollment link will be emailed.)

      - Take any questions and thank attendees for their time.


4) Email out a "Thank you for attending" message to all attendees (cc HOST) reminding them of approaching enrollment and payment deadlines.


5) Email HOST the promotional meeting contact information excel file.


6) Hold at least one fundraiser event to benefit your school's CAP site. Often times educators ask for a parent committee to lead this endeavour. We highly recommend this approach! : )


7) Hop on the plane with your students and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.


*Note: HOST deals directly with parents and students with regard to trip updates and answering trip-related questions once all enrollment paperwork is received at HOST. Educators are encouraged to forward parent/student questions directly to their specific program director. HOST takes pride in providing fast and accurate answers in a direct director-to-client approach.


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